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MPH Sure-Shot LIDAR Laser Gun Standard Package (Contact Us for Special Pricing)


MPH Sure-Shot LIDAR Hand-Held Laser Gun, Standard Package Includes 12 Volt DC Charging Cord, 8 AA Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Charger And Manual

The new SURE SHOT LIDAR gun is designed and built for the rigorous needs of the traffic enforcement officer by providing superior target acquisition time, target range and accuracy. The SURE SHOT is the only LIDAR in the industry to utilize an intuitive, back-lit touch screen menu. The touch screen is easy to view in all light conditions and operate with gloved hands. Simpler user interface: SURE SHOT is the only LIDAR in the industry to utilize an intuitive, back-lit touch screen menu. The touch screen is easy to view in all light conditions and operable with gloved hands. When in shooting mode, the large screen and heads-up display provide easy-to-read numerals for less eye fatigue. Built rugged for the demands of the job: SURE SHOT features a rugged anodized aluminum housing with molded rubber bumpers on each end to protect the unit against most unintended bumps and drops commonly experienced in real-world traffic enforcement use. Superior ergonomics : You’ll immediately notice how easy it is to aim and hold the LIDAR in the firing position. The forward swept handle with 1911-style rubberized finger-grooved grips reduces wrist tension and allows for better balance and more comfortable use. The SURE SHOT is a truly ambidextrous instrument with all menu functions in one location, facing the user. The over/under lens configuration allows the user to keep both eyes open for faster target acquisition and better peripheral vision for operator safety

Sure Shot Features:

  • Touch-screen menu controls
  • Heads-Up-Display with customizable aiming reticles. Displays speed/distance and operational information
  • Durable aluminum housing with protective rubber bumpers
  • Multiple power options
  • High-capacity internal memory
  • Following Too Close (FTC) mode
  • Obstructed/weather modes
  • Forward swept handle with rubberized 1911 grips
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty

Sure Shot Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen menu – works even with gloved hands
  • Internal system checks & software verification
  • Choose from 3 different aiming reticles on HUD
  • Save data on up to 500 shots. Download data via built-in USB port.
  • Operates with AA batteries or 12 VDC USB cable
  • Captures FTC violations in either distance or time
  • Extremely fast acquisition time
  • Capable of measuring targets at distances of up to 8,000 ft.
  • Reliable operation in bad weather conditions or through vehicle window


  • Dimensions: 11.5 in. H x 6.75 in. L x 2.82 in. W
  • Housing material: Anodized aluminum 
  • HUD cover material: Anodized aluminum 
  • HUD display: Multi-line display with 4 user- selectable aiming sights 
  • Handle material: High impact ABS plastic 
  • Lens material: High-quality coated glass optics 
  • Internal optics housing: Cast aluminum 
  • Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries or 4 AA rechargeable batteries or USB to 12VDC power adapter 
  • Rear panel display: Backlit LCD touchscreen 
  • Screen Dimensions: 2.7 in. diagonal (400 x 240 pixels) 
  • Acquisition time: 0.3 seconds 
  • Range: 10 ft. to 8,000 ft. 
  • Range accuracy: ± 6” 
  • Speed range: 10 to 200 mph 
  • Speed accuracy: ± 1 mph 
  • Operating temperature: -22 to 140°F 
  • Operating modes: Obstruction/Weather 
  • Eye safety: Class I laser product complies with 21CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11

Options & Accessories:

  • Shoulder stock 
  • Carrying case 
  • Motorcycle holster 
  • 8 rechargeable batteries and charger 
  • USB cable 
  • 12 VDC power cord