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FHIR Reversible Fan 30 inch 11500 CFM Direct Drive FHIR3017T-U-DD


The highest quality, most complete line of heavy-duty fans available, HeatBuster fans are belt driven, rugged, low-cost air movers. They are used to spot cool assembly lines, machine shops, bakeries, loading docks, laundries, gymnasiums, auto repair facilities, warehouse, or anywhere a high volume of air movement is required.

The “HBD” employs the same great design of the HeatBuster while adding a cradle mount, allowing for precise, directional, cooling of people, products or equipment

Hazardous location models are made to order and are non-returnable.


Motor: Single Speed, Div. 1, Class 1, Group D & Class II, Groups F & G

Stationary motor mount

No wiring or switch

Guards: OSHA Compliant, Spiral Wound

4 blades

Automatic belt tensioner

Belt drive

Non-sparking aluminum Blades 

Triangle’s “FHIR” series industrial grade true reversible wall fans come in belt or direct drive models and are ideal for applications that have supply or exhaust needs out of the same fan. Triangle “FHIR” series industrial grade true reversible wall fans come with a true, bi-directional venturi and bi-directional airfoil blades. The combination of the two prevent the traditional loss of performance associated with traditional “reversible” fans.


Reversible totally enclosed motor
Welded construction
Comes standard with galvanized wall housing
Comes standard with reversing switch
Polyester powder coated venturi panel

Dimensional Data: (inches) 

A: 36-3/8"
B: 30"


  • Model No.: FHIR3017T-U-DD
  • Voltage:115 / 230
  • Warehouse:Arkansas
  • Type:Reversible
  • Amps:12.9 / 6.4
  • Blade Size (Inches):30
  • No. of Blades:4CFM
  • High:11500
  • Dimension Inches:Width: 36-3/8" Depth: 30" Height: 36-3/8"
  • Hertz:60
  • Drive Type:Direct
  • Horsepower:2
  • Motor Type:Totally Enclosed
  • RPM High:1160
  • Phase:1
  • Speed(s):1
  • Weight lbs.:320

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