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Handheld Radar SpeedGun Pro By MPH


Speedgun® Pro is the most advanced series of radars available. They can be used as handheld radars, or they can be mounted to a vehicle for moving use. For handheld use, the radar can be powered by the vehicle, or it can operate from internal rechargeable batteries, enclosed in the radar´s removable handle.

Speedgun® Pro is small and lightweight, outperforming the competition in both categories.

The radar can be ordered in stationary/moving and stationary-only versions.


  • Patented directional technology
  • POP™ technology
  • Fastest vehicle mode
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing
  • CAN and VSS interfaces
  • Rear antenna option
  • Customizable grips
  • Superior battery capacity
  • Large, backlit LCD touchscreen display (improves in sunlight)