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InstAlert 24 with ATS 5 Trailer and Message Suite


InstAlert 24 Variable Message Sign
• Open dimensions: 1.63” x 28” x 60”
• Folded dimensions: 3.25” x 28” x 30”
• Folded sign fits in vehicle trunk, SUV hatch
• Full matrix display: 26 x 96 pixels, 0.6”x 1” pitch
• LED pixels: Amber 590nm, 30-degree viewing angle,
100,000 hrs, black background, universal display
• MUTCD compliant
• On-board message selector buttons for quick
selection of 25 internal messages and modes with
anti-tamper lockout
• Local and remote management and
monitoring options
• Integral active cell modem allowing TraffiCloud
Web-Based Management Services for remote
• Integral camera for awareness and alert-driven
   o 640 x 480 daylight images
• Power saving circuitry and automatic dimming for
ambient light conditions with adjustable dimming
range and manual display brightness override
• Conformal coating on all circuit boards
• Integral case handles and nylon web handles
• Weight: 43 pounds
• Weatherproof, inherently sealed design
• 1/8” tinted, non-glare, UV stabilized polycarbonate face
• Entire face is removable for service
• Aluminum chassis, 12 ga., with black powder coat finish
• Mounting provisions for permanent applications,
• (12) ¼-20 threaded holes
• –40 to 160°F operating temperature range, 95%
humidity, non-condensing (–20°F for Bluetooth
• Withstands up to 70-mph winds

InstAlert Operation Modes
• Message Mode: Display one message, up to six screens
• All Messages: Sequence all messages in sign memory
• Schedule: Change message and/or mode up to 13
• Speed based modes available in the
• SpeedAlert 24 configuration
• Sign returns to last configuration when power applied
InstAlert Messages
• 1–3 line messages
   o 1 line: 24” H x 12.5” W characters, 4/line
   o 2 lines: 10.25” H x 5.75” W characters, 8/line
   o 3 lines: 7” H x 4” W characters, 12 per line
   o 2 lines: (1) 7” char, 12/line, (1) 10.25” char, 8/line
• Up to six screens per message
• Message power efficiency calculator in software
• Variable display time, flash and reverse rates
• for each screen
• Full graphics capability, each LED is individually
controllable, programmable from PC, PDA or
• Ability to link multiple messages for up to
• 144 screen animation
• Scroll through 25 user defined on-board messages
using selector buttons built into sign, no training
necessary; buttons on unit become inactive after
timeout to prevent tampering, reactivate by
reapplying power
• Unlimited message storage on PC, Android device
or remote server
• Messages on sign are not erased when power is
• Sign returns to last message when power applied
• Actual sign preview on PC, Android or TraffiCloud

InstAlert Programming
Program and monitor the sign three ways:
On-Board Programming (standard on all units)
• Select message from sign’s memory
• Select operation mode

TraffiCloud® Web-Based Management
Using integral cell modem for remote
(See TraffiCloud specification for more information):
• Turnkey system with remote sign connection
functional out of the box. Unit connects to
TraffiCloud system when sign is powered
• Fully hosted web-based management system
   o Internet-connected computer with browser
provides anywhere access on all browsercapable, connected devices.
   o No IT involvement or support necessary.
System bypasses customer network eliminating
access issues
   o Cellular service provided by ATS, no separate
cellular charges
   o Hosted database requires no setup or
maintenance by customer
• Apps: All apps included in Message Suite:
   o Equipment Management: Change messages and
settings remotely, monitor sign online
   o Image Management: Online image retrieval and
management of images from internal camera
• Alerts: Email/SMS notifications for low battery and
tampering, alerts can include images
• Mapping: Visually manage equipment and data
• Premier Care Perpetual Warranty


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