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School Crossing Radar Speed Sign (Contact Us for Special Pricing)

Original price $6,950.00
Current price $4,950.00
 School Crossing Guard Radar Speed Sign, Movable Display, Includes Rolling Base/Enclosure - Pole - And Sign, 2-Digit Amber Display With Overspeed Notifications
The Crossing Guardian is designed for use by crossing guards and in other temporary applications. It is small enough to be easily wheeled to the site, operated, and then wheeled back when not needed. Typical drivers reduce their speed by five to seven mph when they see their speed, thereby increasing pedestrian safety.
A special version of the unit, known as the Speed Trolley or Speed Monitor Trolley, has been designed to meet all European standards, and is widely used in Europe.
The unit is weatherproof, has a heavy-duty construction, and has an internal battery with AC recharger. Optional signage (speed limit, pedestrian crossing, etc.) is available, as well as an optional traffic analyzer.

Crossing Guardian Features:

  • Advanced distance measuring speed radar
  • Complete unit in one rolling package
  • See-through design
  • Exceptionally easy to set up and use
  • Included long-life battery and AC recharger
  • Vandalism resistant

Crossing Guardian Benefits:

  • Changeable Speed Sign Assembly Included
  • Slow School Sign Included
  • Approach-only radar measures the speeds of oncoming vehicles only
  • Display unit containing the radar and speed display is mounted on a two-wheeled cart for portability
  • Does not obscure view of pedestrians
  • Wheel to street, turn on power switch, and plug in to recharge
  • Locked display box with tough Lexan window, and graffiti-resistant powder-coat paint



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