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The Advanced Patrol Radar Speed Display Trailer

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The Advanced Patrol Radar Speed Display Trailer. 2-Digit Red Or Amber Display with Solar Power. 

Speed Patrol trailers are convenient and very portable. The Speed Patrol comes with a weatherproof display with Lexan, an impact-resistant window. It has a two-digit, 18 inch red or amber LED number display. It also utilizes the Approach-Only radar, ensuring that the readouts will be accurate for the oncoming vehicle. It has an automatic dimming feature for better night viewing.

Speed Patrol Trailer is a cost-effective portable speed display without cutting corners on quality and ruggedness. It contains the industry’s most advanced radar. When used with the SpeedView traffic computer, Speed Patrol provides precise traffic statistics. Download saved traffic data using optional Bluetooth connectivity or with a standard USB drive and and use the data to easily create professional reports with our SpeedView Traffic analysis software. The Advanced Patrol Radar Speed Display Trailer’s super-bright LED display allow drivers to see their speeds up to 1,000 feet away, ensuring that they slow down before entering the school zone, construction site or neighborhood.

Speed Patrol Features:

  • Advance approach-only radar
  • Super-bright speed display
  • White graffiti-resistant powder coating
  • Heavy-duty frame with full-size tires
  • Locking storage box with ample storage for accessories
  • 2 year warranty on radar and display
  • 1 year warranty on trailer components



    • Overall dimensions: 6 ft. long x 7.5 ft. wide
    • Overall height: 5 ½ ft. tall with standard wheels
    • Overall weight: 620 lbs <
    • Frame dimensions: 4 ft. long x 7.5 ft. wide 
    • Frame material: 11 gauge 2 in. square tubing 
    • Coating: Rust-resistant undercoat with graffiti-resistant powder-coated topcoat. 
    • Wheels: 14 in. wheels with 185R17 automotive tires and locking lug nuts. 
    • Suspension: Leaf springs
    • Wiring: All wiring is concealed or inside steel-braided protective conduit. 
    • Tongue: 2 in ball continuously welded to frame
    • Utility box dimensions: 26 in. x 43 in. x 15 in. Contains batteries and charger.
    • Jacks: One screw-type jack on tongue, two stabilizer jacks at rear corners. 


    • Display enclosure: 32 ½ in. x 31 ½ in. x 9 in.
    • Access door: Opens from front, two locking handles.
    • Display window: Durable vandal-resistant Lexan
    • Speed digits: Two 18 in. digits (optional 2 ½ digits)
    • Display type: Uses super-bright, wide-angle LEDs
    • Viewing distance: greater than 1000 ft.
    • Brightness: Full brightness in day, dims for twilight and night.
    • Battery status indicator: Viewable from outside trailer.


    • Radar type: Directional radar with target distance sensing.
    • Range: 1000 ft. for typical vehicles
    • Complies with FCC Part 15 (no license required)
    • Operating temperature: -22°F to + 160 °F

    Included Equipment:

    • Heavy Duty Battery
    • Standard (20 Watt) Solar Package
    • Traffic computer: Stores speed and traffic volume data, and generates reports and graphs.
    • Speed limit sign with changeable digits
    • Overspeed alert: Causes displayed speed to flash when speed setting is exceeded.
    • High-speed cutoff: Causes displayed speed to be blanked for excessive speeders.
    • Strobe kits: Flashers that activate for speed above the overspeed setting. Red & Blue.
    • Spare Tire and Chrome Wheels
    • Anti-theft bar-type wheel lock

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