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Speed Monitor Radar Sign | 110 volt AC or Solar Power (Pole Not Included)

Original price $7,593.83
Current price $6,400.00

The Speed Pole Radar controls speeds without requiring a the presence of a police officer. Self-monitoring of speeds creates slows traffic without issuing tickets, and promotes positive attitudes in the public.

Confidence in the displayed speeds is enhanced by MPH’s exclusive distance-measuring technology. The fourth-generation speed sensor used in the sign eliminates false speeds generated by opposite-direction traffic. 

The Speed Pole Radar controls speeds without requiring a the presence of a police officer and is self-contained and mounts quickly on an existing pole. Speed Pole Radar has 18-inch speed digits, which use super-bright LEDs for optimum viewing in bright sunlight. The display digits dim automatically for night operation. Speed Pole Radar can be operated from 110 VAC power or from a solar panel.

Speed Monitor F Features:

  • Integral distance measuring speed radar
  • 18″ two-digit, super-bright LED speed display with an optional third digit for metric operation
  • Radar, speed display, and power supply
  • Automated speed control
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Power supply options
  • No false speeds due to opposite direction traffic
  • Optional Bluetooth communication

Speed Monitor F Benefits:

  • Visible at 1100 feet (360 m), automatically dims for optimum viewing at night
  • Portable, weatherproof unit mounts easily to an existing pole
  • Reduces speed without requiring an officer
  • Locking electronic cabinet, Lexan® display window, and graffiti-resistant epoxy paint
  • 12 volt DC, 110 volt AC, or solar power options available

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