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Speed Radar Display Trailer Bluetooth 6ft Tall [Solar Power]

Original price $11,950.00
Current price $10,536.94
The Street Trailer Radar – the newest addition to our speed trailer product line. Our trailer is designed and engineered for use in cities, suburban and rural applications. At only 400 lbs and 48 inches square (not including tongue), the Street Scout Radar is easy to tow and set up by one person in most cases. The smaller size fits applications where a larger trailer is not practical.
The Street Trailer Radar - the newest addition to the line of speed trailers offers an economical, lightweight, easy-to-deploy speed control trailer, designed for use in cities, suburban and rural applications. The Street Scout Radar has all of the quality, features and reliability of our larger trailers with everything it needs and nothing that it doesn’t.
Compact, yet highly visible When in use with a MUTCD-compliant speed sign, the trailer stands at 6 ft. Before towing, the sign quickly folds down to reduce wind resistance. Two 12-inch LED digits are easily viewable to greater than 600 feet in direct line-of-sight. With the overspeed and optional flashing strobes, Street Scout Radar will alert drivers to reduce their speed.
Because it works Numerous studies have shown that speed trailers are effective in reducing speeds of drivers, without requiring an officer to be present. Contact us today and let us show you how easy it is to begin controlling traffic speeds in your work zones, school zones, city streets and neighborhoods.
Street Trailer Features:
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Easy to program
  • Same proprietary radar technology used by Law Enforcement
  • Durable, trouble-free construction
  • High visibility
  • Built-in battery charger with optional solar panel
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Stealth mode – for covert traffic studies
Street Scout Radar Options:
  • SpeedView Traffic Data Computer
  • Strobe kit – highly visible flashers activate when overspeed setting is reached
  • Speed limit sign
  • Battery options
  • Solar battery assist
  • 24/7 Timer
  • Interior cabinet light
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Overall dimensions: 52”W x 90”L (incl. tongue) 
  • Overall dimensions: 52”W x 48”L (w/o tongue) 
  • Overall height: 6 ft. (with sign deployed) 
  • Overall height: 48” (sign folded for towing) 
  • Weight: 400 lbs. 
  • Frame dimensions: 48”W x 48”L 
  • Frame material: 11 ga., 2” sq. steel tubing 
  • Coating: Rust-resistant undercoat with graffiti-resistant powder-coated topcoat. 
  • Tires & wheels: 8” wheels / 4.8-8 tires, locking lug nuts 
  • Suspension: Leaf springs 
  • Wiring: Concealed in frame 
  • Tongue: 2” ball, removable for added security 
  • Utility (battery) box: 13”H x 14.25”L x 37.5”W 
  • Jacks: 4 stabilizer jacks
  • Battery: One 12V deep-cycle battery 
  • Charger: Built-in 12V battery charger (easy access plug connection outside utility box
  • Display enclosure: 19.5”H x 21.5”W x 5.5”L 
  • Access door: Water-proof, opens from front with one locking handle 
  • Display window: Tough, vandal-resistant LexanTM 
  • Speed digits: Two 12” digits 
  • Display type: Super-bright, wide-angle LEDs 
  • Viewing distance: Greater than 600 ft. 
  • Brightness: Full brightness in day, automatically dims for twilight use to extend battery life 
  • Battery status: Viewable from outside trailer 
  • Stealth mode: For covert traffic studies
  • Radar type: Directional K band radar 
  • Range: 1,000 ft. for typical vehicles 
  • Compliance: Complies with FCC Part 15 (no license required) 
  • Operating Temp: -22º to +160ºF
  • Traffic computer: Stores speed and traffic volume data and generates reports and graphs.
  • Speed limit sign
  • Battery options: One additional 12V battery 
  • Solar battery assist: 20W or 50W panel 
  • 24/7 Timer 
  • Interior cabinet light 
  • Bluetooth® enabled communication

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