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SpeedAlert 24 with ATS 5 Trailer and TraffiCloud



• SpeedAlert 24 (SA24): 24″ x 60″ full matrix
• Folds to fit in police cruiser trunk, SUV. 43lbs
• Size, weight without battery:
   о Open: 28″ x 60″ x 15/8″
   о Folded Dimensions: 28″ x 30″ x 3¼″
• Full matrix display
• Universal mounting system: attach to pole, trailer
or vehicle hitch mount
• Integral camera for awareness and alert triggered
images 640x480 daylight images
• Internal K band radar with adjustable sensitivity
• Power saving circuitry and automatic dimming for
ambient light conditions with adjustable dimming
range and manual display brightness override
• Meets MUTCD specifications

ATS 5 TRAILER Features
• 620 Ibs with 225Ah battery capacity and SpeedAlert/
instAlert 18
• 760 Ibs with 450Ah battery capacity SpeedAlert/
InstAlert 24
   о Add 130 Ibs for additional battery pair (145 lbs for
   о Add 60 Ibs for 120W solar panel
   о Add 40 Ibs for 65W solar panel
• Tongue weight: 20 lbs
• Dimensions: 61.5 inches long x 62.5 inches wide x 64
inches high (stowed)
• Simple manual lever lift system for one-person setup
• Removable tongue for 2-inch ball, lockable
• Storage for tongue and lift bar in locked battery
• 16 ga. steel locking battery compartment with vented
battery chamber, charger/accessories chamber and
1/8-inch aluminum diamond plate lid
• Continuous-weld steel frame, white marine grade
powder coat finish
• Wheels: 12 inches, five-bolt steel rims with 4.5-inch
bolt circle
• Replaceable steel fenders, weight supporting
• Locking wheel lug bolts, one per wheel, with removal tool
• Axle: 2000-lb leaf spring
• Ground Clearance: 9.75 inches under axle, 19 inches
under chassis
• Jacks: 4, retractable crank type, fully adjustable at
each corner, 1500-lb capacity each
• Recessed tail lights and DoT-approved lighting
• Safety chains, 30 inches with hooks
• DoT-approved red/white reflective tape
• License plate holder with light
• 12 VDC system, standard four pin wiring plug
• 225Ah or 450Ah batteries, (2) 6VDC batteries in series,
deep cycle marine (130 lbs per pair, two pair max)
• 20A time delay fuse on battery supply
• 120W solar assist with 10A solar controller to prevent
overcharging, other solar wattages available
• Solar panels charge while sign stowed or deployed
• 10A 120VAC automatic charger with externally
accessible AC connection
• Switch to control power to sign

TraffiCloud System
• Turnkey system, connectivity is built-in and automatic
• Password-protected system with five levels of access
• Unlimited authorized users within account can have
access to data
• Web-based user interface is always up to date and
continually receives applicable enhancements
• Fully hosted web-based management system
   o An Internet-connected device and browser
provides anywhere access
   o Compatible with PC, Mac, Android and iOS via
   o Hosted database requires no setup or maintenance
by customer
   o Secure solution encrypts collected data
   o No IT burden or support necessary
   o Independent system with no firewall issues, no
additional hardware or network appliances and no
software or middleware to install for remote
   o Wireless cellular connection provided by ATS,
no separate charges from carrier
   o Virtually "hack-proof" wireless connectivity
employs multiple security measures
• Setting and configuration changes are synchronized
bi-directionally; TraffiCloud to equipment and
equipment to TraffiCloud
• Tags allow associating equipment, sites and
responsible manager


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